Vistara Professional is proud to announce the hands on educational courses that bring learning to the next tier. Doctors improve their techniques and ultimately the quality care they can provide their own patients.
Vizstara is a state of the art facility. Our establishment serves to provide the highest quality care for patients as well as latest technology for our Dental practitioners. The facility is available for events, conferences and courses.
It is our honor to serve your oral healthcare needs. Our professional team has over 20 years experience with orthodontics, prosthodontics and dental implants procedures, both restorative and surgical.
We provide the highest quality patient care and educational instruction. Our patient satisfaction is of the utmost importance. In addition, our educational courses were designed to ensure Continuing education encompasses practical applications with hands on experience.


The VIZSTARA team is a dynamic group of dentist-scientists with an unwavering commitment to all-around excellence in oral health and ample clinical and faculty experience. VIZSTARA believes that the discussion of oral health urgently needs to be elevated to that of the medical field. To do so, VIZSTARA works on engaging patients and professionals alike in a virtuous cycle of education, excellence in practice, and innovation in techniques and products designed to feed the education cycle once again. VIZSTARA works as an independent institution; it safeguards its ability to choose its didactic material, products, and instruments from the best sources to guarantee the integrity of its work and the excellence in its services.